“I couldn’t walk or move due to pain in my back. I found out that I had multiple disc herniations in my back. I tried physical therapy and a regular chiropractor without success. Then I was introduced to Dr. Lincoln who quickly got me better. I can walk without any pain now! If I ever have any physical problems, Dr. Lincoln will be the first person I’ll see. He’s a miracle worker!”

– John S.

“I’ve had migraines my whole life and the doctors have always told me that the only thing I could do was take medications like Imitrex. I have suffered many days in a quiet dark room unable to enjoy my children or attend to my motherly duties. I was referred to Dr. Lincoln who said he could help me. I didn’t believe him and I had never heard of a chiropractic neurologist before. I haven’t had a migraine in ten months, and now I believe.”

– L. H.

“I injured my back and went to the emergency room. I got medication that did not help. I could not stand up straight, walk and could barely get into Dr. Lincoln’s office – even with a walker. I hurt so bad that I was scared for Dr. Lincoln to treat me, but I am glad I did. He fixed me ups so I could walk and now I am 100% better.”

– Jaime L.

“My lower body was paralyzed after a serious back injury. After regaining control of my legs, I experienced numbness and severe pain in my low back and both legs that lasted 24 hours a day. My MRI showed two bulging discs. I tried Physical Therapy, pain medications and two cortisone shots – all of which did nothing at all. My pain was affecting every aspect of my life, and I suffered needlessly for years. I wish I had found Dr. Lincoln sooner. In a short period of time, he has decreased my back pain 95%, my leg numbness is gone, and I have only experience my leg pain once in the last three weeks…and we’re not done with his treatment plan yet. I am so glad I trusted and believed when I felt hope was lost.”

– Cathy D.

Professional Referrals

“I have been a personal trainer for eight years now. Over the years I have continued to refer everyone I can to Dr. Lincoln because of his skill, vast knowledge, and passion for what he does. I had seen chiropractors before, but never a Chiropractic Neurologist. I didn’t understand how advanced it was and the broad scope of conditions it treats. My recommendations is: don’t cheat yourself and miss out – meet Dr. Lincoln and start understanding.”

– Shellie S. (Personal Trainer)

“Dr. Lincoln is an excellent practitioner with good diagnostic and therapeutic skills. It is obvious to me that he is highly trained in his specialty. I would highly recommend Dr. Lincoln without reservation for evaluation and possible treatment of my patient’s condition.”

– Dr. K.L. (Surgeon)

“I’ve been a chiropractor for over twenty years. I refer tough cases to Dr. Lincoln because I consider him to be the top expert in Santa Rosa. His credentials and training are unparalleled, and his start of the art facility and high-teach equipment allow him to treat the tough cases that others have given up on. If you want to get better, call Dr. Lincoln.”

– Dr. Robert J. (Chiropractor)

“After being a chiropractor for 24 years, I believe Dr. Lincoln to be the best equipped chiropractor technically and educationally for treating acute or chronic neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. His advanced training in neurology makes him one of the few chiropractors in the U.S. who can treat extremely difficult and complex cases. His office has the latest scientific equipment for helping his patients overcome their problems. I very highly recommend Dr. Lincoln to you or a family member who is in need.”

– Dr. Allen G. (Chiropractor)